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Is your property in need of a company that can perform a variety of quality roofing solutions? Do you experience any problems with the roof of your home? Whatever the case might be, if you are indeed in the market for residential or commercial roofing company that can help you out, Danny's United Construction and Roofing will be more than happy to oblige. We are a Columbus, OH situated residential roofing contractor that will impress you. Whether you need a specialist who can perform minor maintenance or heavy duty repairs, our roofing contractor will make it happen. We are licensed to undertake both residential and commercial jobs.

animated roofer holds a wooden plankThe owner is on site personally supervising the work.. We handle all types of roofing, including rubber, metal, shingles, slate, PVC membranes, tile roofs, and modified bitumen . Our specialty is with flat roofs. We use all the major manufacturers products such as Genflex and Firestone to name a couple. We service all of Ohio with offices in Athens and Columbus. Just contact us:

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What makes Danny's United Construction and Roofing different from any roofing company is the incredible variety of services we can provide you with. Besides minor roofing services, our Columbus, OH contractor is fully prepared to take on large projects as well. As a qualified and experienced business, we work with a plethora of materials. Vinyl, metal, ceramic tiles – these are only a few of the supplies we use in our services. If you are indeed looking for someone who can provide you with a durable and long lasting result, then we are the experts for you!

by Joey D. Madsen on
Awesome work!

My roof was in very bad condition. A few months ago, a rainy day revealed more than I bargained for. After the ceiling in the living room started to slowly drip, I went up in the attic in order to see if there was a hole. It turned out that most of the board were in very bad shape, and they needed to be replaced right away. Your professionals performed an incredible set of services, thank you for fixing my roof!

Almost any other local commercial roofing company does not example the professional dedication and attention to detail needed for every job. We, on the other hand, take great pride in our work, and this is why our solutions always exceed the expectations of our customers. Since our establishment in 1985, we have helped many people with their roofing needs, and today, our experienced roofing professionals are at your service. If you are interested in finding out more about our services, contact us today!

The owner has been working in the business most of his life since his father owned a roofing company, United Roofing. No job is too small or big for our company. We can work on repairs or re-roofing large shopping centers, factory’s or houses. We personally estimate your home or building for free. We are able to repair or replace soffits, siding, gutters, and any damaged wood that we find. We can also replace skylights or perform any masonry work on your chimney. Danny's United Construction and Roofing will definitely have you covered. Our specialty at Danny's United Construction and Roofing is in flat roofs with all other related fields as well.

We have you covered, please call us for your roofing needs.